Self-drive trip New Zealand|A day in Queenstown and Te Anau

I spent a day in Queenstown during my self-tour trip on the South Island of New Zealand with my sis and a friend. It was a very short stay and sadly we didn’t have much time to visit many cool places such as the Arrow Town (which I wanted to visit badly) and Lake Hayes..I hope one day I’ll able to visit these places.

Anyway we managed to climbed the Sky Line gondola and witness Queenstown from the top. Later during the night, we bought our self a decent Turkish Kebab for dinner and head back to our hostel. Just a note, our hostel, Shotover Lodge is located at Arthur’s Point (via Gorge Rd), quite far from the town but very near to Coronet Peak (perfect for Winter, but not for us visiting in the autumn).

We left Queenstown in the wee hour the next day and off to Te Anau to catch our prebooked tour bus to Milford. Here are some pictures I took (some are my sis’s photos) at Queenstown and Te Anau (last 3 pictures).


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