Self-drive New Zealand| Mt. Cook,day 3

Misty Mt. Cook (Aoraki)|day 3:

Mt. Cook wasn’t supposed to be in our itinerary initially. From Fairlie we should be driving to Wanaka in the morning. But the night before, my sis made a request to squeeze in Mt Cook. The journey from Fairlie to Mt Cook would take us 1 1/2 hours and from there to Wanaka would sum up to almost 4 hours drive. Ok.agreed we cannot miss out Mt Cook.

The next morning, we started off our journey in the wee hour and bad goodbye to Fairlie. Yea too bad we cannot spend a little more time in this place as we have to make a speedy stop at Mt Cook.

At 6.30am, we were already driving on highway 8 towards Mt Cook. Outside it was pitch black and from inside our car we cannot see thing clearly as the window screen was somewhat frosty (not sure how to describe this). Driving first time in NZ in this kind of weather was…scary. There were not many car on the road and most of the time we had to use the high beam as our vision were very limited. We drove in thick fog a number of times. Again, the weather wasn’t on our side as there was no sunshine and the clouds were low. Very low.

There weren’t many signboard leading to Mt Cook and we thought we took the wrong path. We stopped by a very large lake with light blue colour, known as Lake Pukaki. Too bad there wasn’t any sunshine and photos we snap didn’t come out good. At first, we thought of knocking the door of some caravans parked by the lake to ask for direction but realising it was still early and freezing cold we continued our way, relied heavily on our loyal map. Yep, luckily we found the correct route and reached the bottom of Mt Cook or Aoraki Village around 9 am.

Once there, I couldn’t believed my eyes. The whole scene with thick mist clouded the whole area made me feel like I was in a movie scene. Slowly the thick mist faded and revealed the majestic Mt Cook before our eyes. The last pictures were taken at the Sir Edmund Hillary Alpine Centre.

Aoraki or Mt. Cook is the highest mountain in NZ at 3754m height and lies in the Southern Alps.


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