Self-drive New Zealand| Lake Tekapo,day 2

Catching the lights at Lake Tekapo|day 2:

Our second day at New Zealand was as gloomy as our first day. The clouds were hanging low and merely any sunshine at all as we drove from Akaroa to Fairlie via highway 1 to 79. We stopped by Geraldine, a pretty little town, snapped a few pictures at a little park by the road side before continuing our journey to Fairlie.This part of journey brought us into another terrain and scenery from our previous drive around Christchurch and Akaroa. There were vast green plain field as far as our eyes could see. Beautiful.

Reaching Fairlie quite late in the evening, we quickly unload our stuff at our accommodation, Aorangi Motel, before speeding off to Lake Tekapo. The journey took about 20-25 minutes drive.

As we exit Fairlie, we could see the clouds have cleared a bit, blue sky and the setting sun rays peaked through the clouds. We were thrilled. The rest of the journey was STUNNING. Masyallah..

Lake Tekapo is located in the centre of South Island. Surrounded by majestic mountains and turquoise blue water create a stunning backdrop for Church of The Good Sheppard. Agree.

Only the last 2 pictures were edited. The rest are original. Second photos credit to my sis. Happy viewing.

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