Self-drive New Zealand| Christchurch and Akaroa,day 1

Grey sky Christchurch|day 1, part 1:

I just returned back home from a short 7 days holiday trip to New Zealand with my sis and a friend of mine. It was a really short break from work that we could only cover the south island. My first impression of the New Zealanders or rather the Kiwi were very positive. We were greeted by a friendly smile and a little chat on where we were heading in NZ, something which is very rare in my own country.

Our trip was solely by car as we decided to do self-drive type of holiday, cruising along the scenic routes across the South Island. We rent a car from Yourway Car Rental, where we were given a gorgeous blue, intermediate Ford Focus.

Our first destination was Akaroa, located about 1 hour 30min drive from Christchurch but first we made a short visit at the Hagley Park. After parking our car at the Armagh Street Carpark, we strolled along the Kate Sheppard Memorial Walk, admiring the beauty of the pond (is it a pond or a lake?) and giggled with the ducks. Then we ventured a bit into the garden, mesmerized by beauty of autumn in the park, with splashes of gold, yellow and red leaves everywhere. Many leaves have fallen since winter is nearing. It was my first autumn in my whole life and yea the whole scenery left me speechless. The sky was grey though but luckily it was not raining.

Clear sky Akaroa|day 1, part 2:

After the short stop at the Hagley Park, we quickly made our way to Akaroa. The scenary to Akaroa made us goes Wow! all the way. There were green hills everywhere, with thousands of sheep and cows grazing. Luckily the sun was shining brightly. Blue sky, green hills and deep blue sea..perfect!. We checked in at our first accommodation of our trip at the Chez La Mer Backpacker hostel before venturing to the nearby bay. Too bad we missed the cruise since it was nearing winter their last cruise was at 12.45pm something…we just spent the rest of the evening by leisure walk at the bay. We also stop by at the Takamatua Bay when the sun was almost set in..For me Akaroa is such a nice place to visit, very relaxing, superb scenery, less people and good for family vacation. I already miss Akaroa…

Coming up is Catching The Sun at Lake Tekapo..(All photos taken with my Samsung EX1)


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