Pulau Redang|Redang Island

During the Eid Holiday, I went to Pulau Redang with my family for a short vacation while at the same time visiting some of our relative who is staying in Kuala Terengganu. Pulau Redang is situated 45km off the cost of Kuala Terengganu. We made our journey to Redang by riding a ferry from the jetty in Kuala Terengganu (near Dataran Syahbandar) roughly at around 10.30am on 13th September 2010. The ferry ride took around 1 hour 30 minutes before we reach the jetty of Pulau Redang.

Since we are not that adventurous to go diving, our main activity was just snorkeling. We went snorkeling at Marine Park, which is situated in an island called Pulau Pinang. It is one of the most popular snorkeling spot for tourist. However there are many other snorkeling and diving spot where tourist can choose from. At the Marine Park, the sea water is crystal clear as I could see the corals and fishes right from above the jetty. We reach the park quite late as many of the tourist have already made their way back to their respective resort (it was mid day already ^-^||). Good thing was.. there were less tourist and we can snorkel everywhere without bumping into other snorkelers (minus the fact that we got sun burn pretty badly).

There were thousands of fishes greeted us..of course for the free bread! I am not very familiar with their names, but I found a few names of fish which I saw during snorkeling. Some of them are Parrot fish (beautiful rainbow coloured fish ^-^), zebra fish ( I don’t really know the scientific names but these kind of fish were the fastest to grab our bread and conquer the sea surface), virgate rabbit fish, silvery pompano and many other fish which I don’t know their names ^-^*|| It is good to bring some bread to lure the fishes so that you can see them clearly as they swim around you very closely. And they look good in photographs too!

The last picture is the view early in the morning at the Pulau Redang Jetty. We have to catch the first ferry back to mainland at 7 am. Our 2 days short trip to Pulau Redang was fun, and filled with good memories on Redang, its nature and its people.


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