A little late Eid Greeting..

It is already the 8th of Syawal (the 10th month in the Islamic calendar) which means it is already eight days since me and the rest of Muslim all over the world celebrated the Aidilfitri or Eidul Fitr. I know it is very late now but allow me to wish my Muslim viewer a happy and blessful eid. Eid Mubarak!

Eidul Fitr is a day the Muslim celebrated the victory after fasting for one month and performing extra good deeds during Ramadhan. The Eid celebration in my country (Malaysia) is one of a kind. People here celebrate it for a month! Visiting relatives, neighbours and friends is part of the culture. Normally during the weekends, some people took the opportunity to hold ‘Open House’, a day where the host will entertain their relatives, friends and neighbours with a wide variety of food, local delicacies and dessert. During this event, small packet containing an amount of money may be given to the young ones. Moreover, during this day the less unfortunate were not left out as donations and aids are abundance as people become extra generous during Ramadhan and Eid Fitr.

Eid celebration may be different in other part of the world. Hope to hear your kind of celebration too!


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