Catchy and illustrative packaging for chocolate, snacks & ice-cream

I am back with more updates on my best collection of packaging around the net. This time I am more interested on the usage of funky colours, fonts and illustrations.

1) HEMA Salty snacks packaging|studiokluif

….inspired by the wooden crates that are used to transport vegetables & fruit for their authentic feeling and of course the classic childhood pastime of making potato stamps…[kluif]

2) HEMA Waffle ice-cream sandwich packaging|studiokluif

…For the waffle ice cream sandwiches we used hand-drawn typography to accentuate the wholesome natural character of these products…[kluif]


4) Chocolate Factory|ruizcompany

5) Handmade biscuit|Boa Boca Gourmet

6) TESCO monster pack|Taxi studio

7) Fiesta Party Snacks|Student Project-Billy Blue College of Design

8 ) Sensações, brazilian light snack|Nando Sperb

9) Lychees candy|Karan Singal

10) Doritos packaging|Peter Pavlov

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