Create Stunning Black and White pictures and make it classy

I have always been a great fan of black and white (bnw) photography. I especially love the pictures of old bnw photographs which have more charm and charisma. Black and white for me is something classic but very classy and full of emotions…Thanx to digital technology where now we can instantly converts fully coloured pictures into bnw.

Converting into black and white is not as easy as clicking the convert button in any digital editing software. It requires more than a single click. It requires depth, proper lighting, angle, moods, and a few touch up. ( I am not a photographer, so this is more of my personal opinion, as a great fan of bnw!). There are many tutorials on the internet on how to digitally convert pictures into bnw. Keep practicing  and one day you will create a stunning bnw pictures (so I say to myself too).

Here are some of my favourite bnw pictures. Oh there is also some links to some good article worth reading for tips and tutorials to create stunning bnw photographs. Enjoy!

Photograph by| Zati Hanani

Photograph by|AtXU

Photograph by|Marcin Jagiellicz

Photograph by|Poras Chaudhary

Photograph by| Zati Hanani

1) 12 Ways to Make a Black & White Photo

This blog listed 12 ways to create stunning bnw pictures. The author also shares some cool tips to get the perfect balance of bnw photographs.

2) 5 Vital Black & White Photography Tips

Contain great tips on bnw photography. More on how to photograph it. Very informative.

3) Black and white touchup using photoshop

This tutorial is one of my favourite way of converting colour into black and white pictures because it is easy but yet with proper usage of dodge and burn tool it creates more depth and bring out the picture.


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