Stylish Food Photography

I always buy lunch and dinner at the local food stalls and restaurants. Sometime I dined there with family or friends. Even though the food are delicious, I found that most of these restaurants and stalls lack of presentation, be it on the menu or the food presentation itself.  Most of the time, the waitress would handed me a dirty and worn-out menus. I still can tolerate that. But when the food was served in front of me, some of this stall just presented the food on a plain melamine plate for the sake of serving. I don’t mind with that at all but I believe that well presented food will improve the appetite and make the customer craves for more food.

Speaking of well presented food, here I listed down some of the works of my favourite food stylist and photographer. Hopefully one day that the local food stalls will improve and present me a clean and well described food menu and nicely served the dishes.

1. Beatrice Peltre

I have been a silent reader on her blog for years. I remembered searching for recipes where I stumbled upon her pretty and adorable blog full with pictures of food, dessert and her vacations. Reading her blog had made me more interested to know more about food styling and food photography. She’s a french expatriate living in Boston and she works as a food stylist/photographer and writer. Her pictures are boasted with vibrant spring colours with intricate props. Lovely.

2. Petrina Tinslay

She’s a Sidney based photographer and her works have appeared in many famous magazines and cook books such as Australian Marie Claire, Vogue Living, Vogue Entertaining, Food & Wine, and many more. Her works varies among food, lifestyles, interiors, still life and travels.

3) Aran Goyoaga

Long time ago I searched the internet for come cakes and cookies recipe since I wanted to learn baking. Luckily I found this lovely blog Cannelle et Vanille and I quickly bookmarked it. I was totally amazed by her enchanting and lovely, spring and summer themed photographies. I quickly fall for her fresh and dreamy food styling and love all her recipes.

From her portfolio site , Aran is a professional and trained pastry chef who had a very fond passion on food styling, photography and food writing. Lovely!


3_artea_white tins

lemon tart_cannelleSweet spring and summer feeling images courtesy & copyright of Aran Goyoaga. Thank you.


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