Packaging today

I have been so fascinated by the beauty of packaging. In the old days where competition between product makers were not so fierce, the packaging design and looks of their product were done in a way to just let people know what is the product, the content and their brand.  Packaging design has become the next in thing in line with the rapid changes in technology and the internet especially. Using powerful designs, materials, fonts and illustrations these products are sure to hit a great Sales!

Below I listed down some cool packaging design I collected over the internet. For this first post I listed creative and inspiring packaging design from beverages, chocolate and food.  Enjoy.

This Water-beverage

Designed by|Pearlfisher

Charles Chocolate

Designed by|Hatch Design

Thomas Haas Chocolate

Designed By| Thomas Haas

Kshocolat-Chocolate hamper

Designed by| Marquecreative

Alter Cacao

Designed by|Nestor Urdanpilleta

Sweet Dreams Cake

Designed by|The Creative Method


Designed by|Masha Ponomareva


2 thoughts on “Packaging today

  1. saya suka design Marquecreative… typo sangat kemas!
    simple je..rasanya kalau produk2 di Malaysia begini..memang menarik habis laa..x mahal pon….font saje kan..

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